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Examining Different Types of Web Hosting

Web hosting is a widely growing service in the Internet world as companies are hunting for options to highlight themselves. This service allows companies and organizations to present themselves in the new media so that people get to known about their services and objectives. Staying ahead and popular in audio visual and print media won't suffice in the age of globalization. Internet has to be used as an effective medium for the purpose. But what kind of web hosting is right for your business?

Web hosts are there to create a niche for such companies and organizations in the World Wide Web. The services rendered by them incorporate hosting of websites, blogs and forums that can be used to store and share information. This information can be stored as video, image and in writing. Web hosts are companies who can be hired for arranging space on a server which they own for selling or lending purposes. Web hosting can also include services like, providing space in data center and connectivity with Internet for other servers, which they do not own personally.

Depending on the size of the company each firm has to decide which web host will work best. There are several criteria that you should look for to determine if a web host as the right one for your company. Many of these options offered are useful for companies of all sizes and some are more geared to large businesses and corporations. By choosing a web host wisely you will get the maximum benefit for your company.

The Various Types of Web Hosting are:

1. Free Hosting: some web hosting providers offer free services for companies looking to expand onto the Internet while maintaining a small budget. This can be especially helpful right at the start of a new Internet presence in order to develop traffic and sales before big expenses are incurred. A few disadvantages of free services are: Advertising placed on your site by the web host; No second-level domain and the need to share domain space with free web hosting services; and Limited functions and availability.

2. Low Cost Web Hosting: This is different from free services in that there is a small fee for the web space. However, the fees are greatly reduced from the standard web host provider's services. The advantages and disadvantages of such services are cost based.

Cheap web host features: Budget friendly, Limited services and support, Email provisions, Domain name hosting, Some site builders available.

3. Shared Web Hosting: The shared hosting company will allow you space on a single server that is shared by other clients. You will get many services with this type of company including email, support, building software, and other functions. They are responsible for providing upgraded hardware and software as well as providing secure uptime.

Shared hosting features: Increased functions, Easy affordability, Some database support, Some security, Your own domain name possible.

4. Dedicated Web Hosting: This type of web host offers their clients sole use of a single server. This is a highly reliable system and your space is much larger and more accessible. These services come with a large array of services.

Benefits of a dedicated domain: The most appropriate for a large scale business, The ability to use more than one domain name, Multiple emails and email users, Excellent database support, Support for software, Backup and security for data, It is the most expensive of the server types.

5. Colocated Web Hosting: Colocation refers to "co-location". This is a solution which enables a user to place (locate) his/her own web server within the premises of a web hosting service provider.

Features of colocated web hosting: Maximum bandwidth, High security, Very expensive, Difficult to configure and No limits on software.

6. Managed web hosting: Managed hosting is just a step ahead than the dedicated hosting. This managed web hosting service includes additional features which are not available with the dedicated web hosting.

Features included are: Monitoring, Load balancing, Security, Setup, System administration and Software updates.

7. Reseller Web Hosting.

The account owner can make use of his/her allotted bandwidth and hard drive space to host their websites on behalf of third parties. This is beneficial for those who want to go for an ecommerce business.

Advantages of reseller web hosting: Make money on your web host; Many domain names possible; Easy to operate control panels; Not too much technical knowledge required.

8. Grid web host services

Grid hosting is necessary if your server uses cluster methods in grid form and is made up of many nodes. These data grids aid in controlled situations of sharing information and allow its clients to have all the space they need so that the data can be distributed. Clients who use computational grids need this type of web host.

9. Private Server or Virtual Server:

The virtual web host provider is a server clients can partake in to get flexible and reliable performance. All of the functions, features, and services that are to be had with a dedicated server you get with the virtual dedicated host but is used with meant to be a partition where the servers can operate on their own. These web hosting services can operate on their own and be separately rebooted as well.

Features of virtual dedicated server: Very flexible, Complete control and many resources, Lower cost than a dedicated server, Easy to use resources and software.

10. Home server:

The home server is for those companies wishing to link together their systems in order to share and provide information and data between their own structures. This device requires a personal computer that is connected with a home network. These services provide different types of devices for a home that include sharing a media center, file sharing, printer sharing, domain control, account authentication and web service.


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