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Shared Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Web Hosting

With the rapid advancement of internet services web hosting has become a much sought after activity as far as online businesses are concerned. A web hosting company provides you the space to 'host' either your personal homepage or your business profile and webpage. Using a web hosting company can prove very beneficial to you, as even your prospective employers might want to take a look at your personal thoughts and other details from your very own web page. Businesses too can be successfully expanded and consolidated over the internet by building great networks through your business website. For all of this to work, one must understand the importance of web hosting.

There are several types of web hosting like shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, free hosting, paid hosting and clustered hosting. While choosing a web host for yourself, choose among these available ones but according to your needs and demands.

Three common kinds of web hosting are as follows:

Shared hosting

In simple terms, this is a situation where a solitary server hosts and supports several web pages. This suits fledgling businesses perfectly who are unable to spend large to acquire dedicated servers and therefore does away with other expenses like maintaining a system administrator.

In case of shared hosting, various maintenance features like server management, security updates, server software and anti-virus backup are provided by the provider of the shared hosting.

There are primarily two ways of web hosting: the IP address based way and the name based way. The host who with own individual IP address provides each of the sites he hosts with their own SSL certificate in the IP address based way. Consequently, a sense of security is endowed to the websites. Various web hosts are provided with a single address in the name based hosting. Everyone uses this particular IP address.

A shared web hosting is cheap, no doubt, but it doesn't have the level of security offered by the IP-based web hosting.

The incompatibility with relatively old browsers is one of the many disadvantages of the name based hosting system. A failure to send out requests carrying the host name will occur with a HTTP/1.0 browser without up gradation. Hand name based hosts cannot support HTPPS websites because they share the same digital certificates. It is virtually impossible to access if the Domain Name System (DNS) conks out any website hosted by a name based web host.

CPU, disc space, and your website's Bandwidth being affected or slowed as other sites are using the same server are the problems of a cost effective shared web hosting system. This system also puts certain system level things out of your control like scripts and the system software being used. But you can be comfortable without such features if your website is relatively small. You might want to gain knowledge about Virtual Private Sector or VPs if such things do bother you and you want some control over the things powering your website.

Virtual Private Server

The software of the divides it into many 'virtual machines' though it has a single server like a shared server. Each such VPS gets their own allotted RAM, disc space etc though the server's total resources are still shared by the various websites being hosted. Using the allocated resources, each operates completely independently.

Due to the fact that webmasters are allowed more freedom than a shared host, they can perform various operations by running a different operating system and having their unique script and software, which wouldn't affect other websites using the same server.

The root level access to the main server that you get in a VPS is virtually similar to the freedoms associated with dedicated servers. Only in case of a VPS you can install software of your choice, create accounts etc all at a comparatively lesser price than a dedicated server.

The sense of security of a VPS system is much greater than a shared hosting service because of the internal division of the former. All sites are at risk a shared hosting service if the main server is hacked into. On the other hand, this is not the case in a VPS system.

As far as the division of the server is concerned, it usually occurs evenly with the total equal distribution of resources among the number of websites that are sharing the server. So, if there are 10 websites on a VPS server, everything starting from the disk space to the RAM is divided into 10 parts, with each website getting 10% of the whole.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Individuals and large businesses who eagerly want to control their websites and the functioning processes of the web host find dedicated hosting facilities simply perfect. As the name suggests, a dedicated server host a single website offering people the benefit of controlling. As the website owner has only to look into the web software related matters, and exercise his freedom, the freedom and control is multiple. The hosting company looks into other issues like data maintenance, security and power supervision.

If your website requirements are large bandwidth, greater resources like disk space and if you are looking for a high quality, customized server, opting for a dedicated host seems to be the perfect solution. You can then choose a host of features for your website like operating system, settings, software and multi-media necessities. A dedicated hosting service is also the answer to all those who cannot afford to purchase a server of their own, but want similar services.

Your expenses can be saved up to 85% with a dedicated server. You may not have the financial resources and technical know-how to maintain, install and run your own IT staff but have a high traffic to your website. Then, if you can not pay for a network administrator, the programs will run everything smoothly and most of the other functions.

Using a dedicated server also offers 100% assurance and security to you, because you know that you are the only one who is using this server. Apart from security concerns, not having other sites on the server also nullifies issues about downtime problems. Companies that need to have client databases and other important information up on their sites are bound to feel much safer using a managed dedicated host which provides the client with an extra layer of data security.

Though shared web hosts arrive with the heavy burdens of threatening security and accessibility concerns if other sites face heavy traffic at any point, they are nevertheless cheaper. You will have the comfort and knowledge that you are using a thousand time safer server and which cannot be slowed down by traffic of other websites with a slightly costlier dedicated server. Those looking for forward to expand and grow their business will consequently find a dedicated server perfectly suited to their needs.


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