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VMware Virtualized Hosting Vs. Dedicated Hosting

With so many hosting options available, it can be rather confusing what to go with. This isn't referring to the many hosting plans that are on the market. This is referring to whether you should use VMware hosting, dedicated hosting, or shared hosting. In this case, we're talking about VMware virtualized hosting and dedicated hosting since you want your website to exist on its own server and not have to share with others. The point is, it is a large decision to make.

VMware Virtualized Hosting

VMware virtualized hosting is different from any other hosting that you may research. You'll find that it exists on a virtual server that operates independent of any operating system instead of it existing on a physical server that operates an operating system such as Windows. Servers usually have to have an operating system to rely on, but VMware virtualized hosting does not. It is an effective IT solution for your business when you want to manage your server in-house and want to do so in an effective manner.

VMware virtualized hosting also allows you to get multiple servers running in a matter of minutes without having to purchase any new hardware. If you have your own servers in which you require hardware, you can actually combine your VMware virtualized hosting and your hardware servers to make it all more manageable. Basically, you're creating several virtual machines that are operating in one centralized area. This can save you both manpower and a lot of time. If something happens to your server hardware, you can quickly create more virtual servers to back yourself up. You technically have your own data center at your disposal that can do anything you need it to do with your hosting.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is hosting in which the business leases a server that is not used by anyone else. It is not like shared hosting where several customers share the same server. This is a server in which you, the customer, can have complete control over it or you can go for managed hosting that allows the hosting company to take care of your server for you. If you have any problems, you simply have your hosting company take care of it. If you choose to do things in-house, you consult with your own IT department. It is what you find to be more cost-effective for you that determines how your server is managed. If you can afford an IT staff, you can do that. However, if you find that paying for managed hosting is the better solution, you can go that route as well.

The main difference between VMware virtualized hosting and dedicated hosting is the fact that you have to have the actual hardware with dedicated hosting. You can choose your hardware, your operating system, and other elements, but it can be costly. VMware does not require hardware, is not reliable on an operating system, and is vey cost-effective. As stated before, you have the ability to manage multiple servers in one centralized location. You do manage it on your own, but it takes very little manpower to make sure everything is up and running and to operate multiple servers.

Which is better?

Of course it is up to you as to what route you want to take when choosing a server for your website. You may choose that you want the hardware and other options that comes with dedicated servers. Then again, you may choose that you want to take the low cost route of VMware virtualized hosting and having a small staff manage it. Each has their own set of benefits, but only one is the solution for you.


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